Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All about COUNTING!

Today's lesson has been an eye-opener! I have always thought that if a child could rote count 1-10, that meant that the child is able to count confidently. But I learned that...

To be able to count, a child will need to be able to

1. Classify

2. Rote count

2. Do one-to one correspondence

3. Have a conceptual understanding of rational counting

There is a difference between rote counting and rational counting.
Rote counting- to count continuously through memorization.
Rational counting– Each number has meaning which is represented when we say “1 horse or 2 dogs” and includes learning cardinality: that the last number in the set is the actual amount in that set.

The activity that I liked the most was on the “Beans"

The activity was meant for 2 players. We were to select any number less than 20 then take turns to subtract either 1 or 2. The winner is the player who gets to zero. We had to think about strategies to win the game. The game was fun and we even tried playing in threes and subtracting different number of beans.

*When we look at a number of objects and quickly say out the number without counting, that is called Subitize-to perceive at a glance the number of items presented”

Here's a video you can show your children and watch them subitize! ;)

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