Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh Quizz!

Today was All about Fractions!

Here's a video for an Introduction of fractions for children:

Here's a fraction activity for you to try! ;)

I enjoyed doing Problem 9:
" Without reusing the digit cards, how many ways can you add two digit numbers to two digit numbers and the answer must be two-digit number too?"

There were many more ways!

Two new terms I learned:

Procedural Knowledge
·        Knowledge of formal language or symbolic representations
·        Knowledge of rules, algorithms, and procedures

Conceptual Knowledge
·        Knowledge rich in relationships and understanding
·        It is a connected web of knowledge, a network in which the linking relationships are as prominent as the discrete bits of information.
·        By definition, conceptual knowledge cannot be learned by rote.  It must be learned by thoughtful, reflective learning.

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