Thursday, September 26, 2013


Today's lesson taught me that, when you have been taught certain for so long you find it so hard to look at it at another way! I felt confused with the methods taught in class as I have always done sums using the common "formulas". I thought multiplication is just remembering the “times table” and you're good to go! But there are so many other ways to find out the answer to a multiplication sum.

I found what Dr Yeap said about teacher's teaching in an ethical method very interesting. Some methods that can benefit the children in better understanding maths concepts are not taught because certain teachers are stuck with their knowledge of previous learning and are comfortable with that way of teaching. They tend to overlook the ethical part of educating and teaching. But it is good to know that professional development and regular quality checks are taking place in schools to ensure that children are taught the curriculum that is designed for them to reach their full potential.

Problem 12 taught me that:
It is wrong to say 1/4 as: 1 upon 4/1 over 4 or I out of 4 (unless ratios or probability)
The correct pronunciation would be 1 fourth

For example, you mention: 3 fourths shared among 3 people

I personally like the spiral approach-Spiral teaching means to keep moving upward, but also keep returning to the fundamentals - almost as though you are constantly reviewing but adding more as you go.

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