Monday, September 23, 2013

The Mathness!!

CONFUSION seems to be my current state of mind..

The lesson started out with a problem , finding out which column of the letter from my name would the number 99 be at..

My first reaction was to count 1 till 99. I was amused to realize that there were so many methods that could be used to find out the answer. The common trick was to find a pattern among the numbers.
The second problem which looked like a card trick had to do with a pattern/sequence as well. I was fascinated when Dr Ban demonstrated the card activity. Though I had difficulty finding out the sequence of the cards, I managed to figure it out with the help of my group mates.
The third problem had to be the one that I disliked the most cause it took me a while to understand. 
The final problem was the activity I liked the most cause it was with the use on tangram puzzles, something that I am familiar with.

It is true that the more you don't understand, the more you tend to dislike it, just like mathematics. I hope the coming lessons will allow me to like Math even if its just a little bit more :)

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